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of  the

Aegean C


An epic narrative of love, choices, and God's ability to redeem.  


We are thrilled to announce that the latest book in Terry L. Craig's Scions of the Aegean C series, Under an Open Sky, is  available here and through fine booksellers globally.

Paperback Version ISBN: 978-1-946549-04-4

Electronic Version ISBN: 978-1-946549-05-1


Scions of the Aegean C

Descent into the Wilds

by Terry L. Craig

Members of the fifth generation, Shaye, Jariel, and Ty prepare to take their places as young adults in a growing civilization where each person's quality of life is determined by proof of bloodline, valuable skills . . . or possession of strategic secrets.  For someone without one of these, an obscure existence of menial labor is certain, and love is an unattainable luxury. Will the wisdom, liberty, and faith that the Firstlanders brought to this world pass into legend, or will they find a foothold in the fifth generation?

Her parents paid the ultimate price for love, but Shaye Penway will be known for the mistakes that cost her everything—and changed history.


Through the Land of Cloud and Leaf

Through the Land of Cloud and Leaf

Book 2 in the Scions of the Aegean C series

by Terry L. Craig

Into thin air . . .
After Shaye and Jariel vanish, an unprecedented reward for information is offered—but even their kidnappers don't know where they are.  Each day the young women are led further from home, deeper into the Poison Forest.  Love, faith, and decaying fragments of history may

provide the only hope of finding them.

the Within the Walls trilogy

The Poet's Treasure

The Poet's Treasure

Book 3 in the

Within the Walls trilogy


by Stephanie Bennett


Emilya is back at City Centre and she's ready to move back into her old job with her former employers.  If the complications of having a husband (a rare thing indeed) and being pregnant (rarer still!) don't get in the way, she's planning to change the world. 

Within the Walls

Book 1 in the

Within the Walls trilogy


by Stephanie Bennett

Within the Walls brings us to the busy world of the character, Emilya, a creator of virtual vacations in the year 2071. What with micro-sleeping, sixteen hour workdays, and her total immersion in virtual relationships (both at work and in her flat), at 29, she hasn’t seen much of a need to think about anything beyond the walls of her fast-paced, highly productive life. But the discovery of a mysterious letter sends her world spinning. Enter the inner chambers of Emilya’s search for meaning. Take a careful look within the walls; her story may be closer than you think.  

Breaking the Silence

Book 2 in the

Within the Walls trilogy


by Stephanie Bennett

The Within the Walls trilogy chronicles the life of Emilya Hoffman Bowes Brown—technological genius, collaborator in the newest wave of “tek” enhancements to hit the market, and creator of virtual vacations. In Book 2, Emilya attempts to understand a community of dissidents who have chosen to live without technology, exposed to nature and the elements—something that was supposed to be impossible.  

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The Newest Editions of the books in the Fellowship of the Mystery trilogy

To see the Classic Editions and buy them at the special price available only on our site, visit our Shop!

NEW Edition of Gatekeeper


Book 1 in the

Fellowship of the Mystery trilogy


By Terry L. Craig

First published in 1999, GATEKEEPER has been a bestseller on Amazon multiple times.  Written more than three years before 9/11, this political thriller spoke of a time when national security, poverty, racism, and terrorism would become the major concerns in a presidential campaign—and the possible dangers of the technology behind fracking were relatively unknown. 

On multiple fronts, the book details events that eerily foreshadow an America increasingly under siege.




Book 2 in the

Fellowship of the Mystery trilogy


By Terry L. Craig

Humanity is gripped by the inescapable awareness that political conflict, the increasing invasion of technology, acts of terrorism, and the deterioration of the environment are careening toward a catastrophic collision with life itself. A few individuals are actually looking forward to a global collapse, claiming it will result in the universal validation of their faith.

But what happens when the inevitable collision doesn't bring the promised end? After failing to produce the expected results in the old world, what place will science, government, and faith be given in a new one? 

NEW Edition of Swordsman


Book 3 in the

Fellowship of the Mystery trilogy


By Terry L. Craig


It's the closest America has ever come to annihilation. . . .

Millions of survivors weigh their options as a massive ad campaign declares all of the elements are finally in place to end Martial Law and leap into a future that will see Mother Earth restored, clean energy, seamless technology, and people dwelling in peace and safety. 

Each person's journey to it is tied to a single decision:  Sign the Notice of Allegiance, forsaking all loyalty to the boundaries and beliefs of the past.  As those who sign are lifted from crumbling slums and transitioned into new lives, opposition withers.  That's when a man known as Swordsman begins walking through the ruins, openly challenging the narrative of the new regime.  Growing throngs hear his call to consider the real cost of their choice as animated devices everywhere display a countdown of the time left till those who resist will lose all means of sustaining life.


Paperback books


The Ebook versions are all available on, Barnes & Noble,  SMASHWORDS, and the Apple iStore.

What Mama Never Told You about the Afterlife

By Terry L. Craig

Does God love all people?
Can/Does the Gospel "evolve"?
Can someone be saved and not know it?
Is Hell eternal?
Did people in the first century Church believe in Universalism?
Does God's intent for me get lost in man's translation?
Is Jesus both merciful and just?


This book invites you to go beyond the simplistic (and often unbiblical) answers sometimes offered regarding faith, salvation and eternity, to find your footing as you weigh the answers and join the conversation.


What Mama Never Told you about the Afterlife is more than an apologetic or study.  It's an invitation to consider well what you believe and why.

If you are genuinely confused by “Christian Universalism” or love someone who claims to be a Christian Universalist, this book can help you to understand where Universalism diverges from Christianity, and give you some footing in conversations about faith.

A devotional/journal by our newest author, 

Tonya Brown


This travel-sized devotional/journal will slip easily into a briefcase, purse, or pocket. Each entry in this book can be read in a couple of minutes, but is enough food to meditate on the entire day—great for a personal devotional, or for use by a group as an opener for meetings. The content is written for Millennial Generation believers who are ready to embark on a new experience with God. 

Read reviews and learn more about Passport for the Journey

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PASSPORT for the Journey
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