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Author: Stephanie Bennett
Genre: Futuristic Fiction, Fantasy
110 Pages
Book 1 of the Within the Walls trilogy
2nd Printing NOW IN STOCK

Within the Walls, Book 1 in the Within the Walls trilogy

SKU: ISBN-978-096188524-3
  • 2nd printing NOW IN STOCK

    Book One of the series named after it, Within the Walls is a fast-paced novel with a look into the increasingly digital existence of humanity.  As media outlets, corporations, and advertisers seek to mesh simulated life with tangible life, the eventual collision of these two worlds is far from the minds of many who cut their teeth on mommy’s iPod® and have never known a time when media wasn’t a dominant presence or the driving force in day-to-day existence.


    Within the Walls brings us to the busy world of the character, Emilya, a creator of virtual vacations in the year 2071.  What with micro-sleeping, sixteen hour workdays, and her total immersion in virtual relationships (both at work and in her flat), at 29, she hasn’t seen much of a need to think about anything beyond the walls of her highly productive life.  But the discovery of a mysterious letter sends her world spinning.  Enter the inner chambers of Emilya’s search for meaning.  Take a careful look within the walls; her story may be closer than you think.

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