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Author: Terry L. Craig
The full-sized 8" x 11" workbook
132 Pages
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What Mama Never Told You about the Afterlife

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    While “Universalism” (the idea that everyone is already heaven-bound) has a grand appeal in our day and time, is there any foundational truth to it? Too often, it is either presented with sugary wishful thinking or criticized with theological arguments that bounce beyond the capacities of anyone outside the walls of a seminary.

    For those who want a general understanding of “Christian Universalism” (a.k.a. Universal Reconciliation) the book, What Mama Never Told You About the Afterlife presents both the assertions of Universalists and opposing views in terms that can be grasped.

    What Mama Never Told You About the Afterlife contains 

    • A topical index, 
    • Point-by-point comparisons, 
    • And examples that help people comprehend the gulf between what proponents say about Universalism and the Biblical evidence that refutes it. 

    If you are genuinely confused by “Christian Universalism” or love someone who claims to be a Christian Universalist, this book can help you to understand why this idea is neither “Christian” nor Biblical and give you some footing in conversations with others about Universalism.

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