Are Shaye and Jariel losing everything or gaining a life they never would have known?

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Through the Land of Cloud and Leaf

Book 2 in the Scions of the Aegean C series

by Terry L. Craig

Paperback 230 pages, ISBN: 978-1-946549-02-0, $12.99

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-946549-03-7, $2.99



Fiction » Christian » 

Fiction » Science fiction » Steampunk

Book 2 in the Scions of the Aegean C series

Into thin air . . .

After Shaye and Jariel vanish, an unprecedented reward for information is offered—but even their kidnappers don't know where they are.  Each day the young women are led further from home, deeper into the Poison Forest.  Love, faith, and decaying fragments of history may provide the only hope of finding them.

Shaye grew up with dreams of walking with the legendary Exiles in a place her people called “the land of cloud and leaf.”  But this may be more of a nightmare than the stuff of childhood fantasies.  She's lost certainty in her faith, overwhelmed by sorrows, and she is staggered by the realization that her nemesis, Jariel, will become her permanent responsibility.​

The Exiles have managed to conceal their existence for more than sixty years, yet they will risk their entire way of life to rescue two women and lead them on a long and perilous journey away from Aegea.

For Ages 16 and Up


Fiction » Christian » 

Fiction » Science fiction » Steampunk

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Scions is an ongoing series for readers 16 and up who relish stories with complex characters and richly-textured settings.  The story lines will spur deeper reflection upon concepts of:


  • Love

  • Intimacy

  • Friendship

  • Peer pressure

  • Accountability

  • Sacrifice

  • Bitterness

  • Forgiveness

  • Justice

  • The value of human life

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