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Passport for the Journey

By Tonya J. Brown



5.06" x 7.81", 56 pages, $7.25

ISBN 13: 978-0-9909616-6-6

Now available through fine retailers everywhere  

(but you can buy the paperback here!)  


ISBN 13: ISBN-13: 978-0-9909616-7-3

available at Amazon Kindle, at Smashwords, in the Apple iTunes store, and at many other fine retailers. 

Passport for the Journey

PASSPORT FOR THE JOURNEY, 21 Day Challenge will make a great gift for those preparing to go on mission trips, graduates launching into the next phase of life, or teams embarking on a new endeavor. 
This travel-sized devotional/journal will slip easily into a briefcase, purse, or pocket. Each entry in this book can be read in a couple of minutes, but is enough food to meditate on the entire day—great for a personal devotional, or for use by a group as an opener for meetings. The content is written for Millennial Generation believers who are ready to embark on a new experience with God. 
Challenging and thought-provoking, PASSPORT FOR THE JOURNEY is divided into three parts each containing seven daily readings. The first section explores God’s purposes. The second invites readers into a deeper personal relationship with God. The final segment challenges believers to persevere in their calling.

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"In Passport for the Journey, Tonya J. Brown provides a set of inspiring meditations for serious Christians.  In Eastern religions, the purpose of meditation is to empty the mind. In contrast, the purpose of Christian mediation is to fill the mind with thoughts and reflections that produce spiritual growth and godliness.  As such, Passport for the Journey is a beautifully written, Biblical, faithful, and faith filled contribution to the literature of authentic Christian meditation.  This book of devotions is masterfully designed to transform the everyday journey of human living into an intentional, relational, and perpetual spiritual journey.  In Passport, Brown has created a roadmap for a twenty-one day journey of personal discovery, daily conscious contact with God, and compassionate self-giving to others. I highly recommend it to both seasoned Christians and those who are just beginning to explore a life of faith."

Rev. Dr. John F Baggett

Author: Finding the Good in Grief (Kregel 2013)

"Passport for the Journey is an easy read on the surface with depth to ponder on every page. You will get out of it what you put into it. Brown makes the faith journey a practical one."

Andy Lee

Author: A Mary Like Me: Flawed Yet Called (Leafwood Publishers 2016)

The Book of Ruth Key Word Bible Study: A 31-Day Journey to Hope and Promise (AMG Bible Studies 2015)

"Passport for the Journey is a delightful and inspiring quick read. While these devotions are short in nature, they are powerful and spiritually nourishing for those on the go! Tonya has a way of weaving spiritual truths and encouragement into the pages to inspire the reader to walk closer to Jesus every step of the journey. This is a must-have for those longing to know Jesus better but finding themselves short on time to read."

Jill Roman Lord
Author and Selah Award winner in 2015 for If Jesus Walked Beside Me (Candy Cane Press, 2014)
Purple Dragonfly Book Award winner in 2015 for If Jesus Lived in my Heart (Candy Cane Press, 2014)

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