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Is this the Nation's Last Election?

by Terry L. Craig

Genre:  Fiction, political thriller

Paperback ISBN-13: 978-0990961697

509 Pages

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Is this the nation's last election? Candidate, Donald Cole is not only running for president, he may also be running for his life — because the incumbent president, Sonny Todd, and his handlers will stop at nothing to keep the White House.

Written more than three years before 9/11, this political thriller spoke of a time when national security, poverty, racism, and terrorism would become the major concerns in a presidential campaign—and the possible dangers of the technology behind fracking were relatively unknown. On multiple fronts, the book details events that eerily foreshadow an America increasingly under siege.


Synopsis & Characters

Don Cole, a one-term Governor of a western state, is running for President of the United States when he's confronted with evidence the country is in a much more precarious state than anyone ever imagined. A member of a covert group manages to slip past security to give him a copy of secret video recordings which expose the treason of the incumbent president. The intruder says his group will soon air the contents of the disk on the internet. If the scandal fails to oust the president, civil war may ensue.

Before the recordings can be released, an earthquake measuring 7.9 nearly levels the city of Denver. Don rushes to see the devastation for himself and, like the rest of the nation is stunned to hear the president's announcement that the disaster was man made.  Within days of the event, many survivors are overtaken with a mysterious virus.  Could this be an act of terrorism as well? As casualties rise, the government mounts a massive national manhunt for any who might be responsible.  

George and Edwina Grant are medical professionals who own a clinic in New York City.  This successful couple is just beginning to live out their dream--of providing excellent medical care to their patients in a storefront clinic and reaching out to those in the poorest neighborhoods (via an additional mobile clinic) bringing needed services to people who couldn't otherwise afford them.  A visit from members of the Vital Union cult suggest that George surrender his life and his clinics to the VU foreshadows stark choices in his immediate future. 
Ricky Ruiz is a man who has found a way out of a life of poverty and membership in a gang to become an Emergency Medical Technician.  His employers at a small city clinic, George and Edwina Grant, recognize him for the gem he is but are a little baffled about what makes him tick. When Edwina's college friend, Rosa, turns up Edwina tries her hand at match-making, despite George's warnings. Too bad Rosa and Ricky are like soda and vinegar.

Rosalinda Sanchez has recently moved to New York and taken a job as a social worker in Child Services.  She is thrilled to once again be near one of her dearest friends, Edwina Grant, and feels she's made a satisfying career choice.  Although Rosa believes that she is aware of its many challenges, she soon realizes that, given the growing social unrest in the city, her job has become much more complex--and dangerous--than she planned. 

Incumbent President Sonny Todd has gone the way of others before him and sold the use of Washington's power to the highest bidders.  But now he is in for the fight of his life as covert operatives threaten to expose him.  As the unseen struggle for power intensifies, the man-made disasters in Denver and the riots in major cities across the country give Todd the opportunity to shore up his position as Commander-in-Chief, to cover his tracks, and to increase governmental control on freedoms in America.

E. E. Kressman presides over a vast media empire which he uses to promote his own causes and manipulate people in power.  Thus far, few have successfully resisted his wishes.

As Book I in the Fellowship Of The Mystery Trilogy, GATEKEEPER gives a foundation to the entire series with stirring examples of relationship replacing the deadness of religion, love subduing selfishness, truth standing against political correctness, prayer that invites conversation with God, and faith that will endure beyond hardship.



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Ebook ISBN:  9780961885274 ($1.99 USD)

Paperback ISBN: ‎ 978-0990961697 ($16.99 USD)

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