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Scions of the Aegean C, Book 1 in the Scions of the Aegean C series

Scions of the Aegean C

Descent into the Wilds

by Terry L. Craig


Fiction » Christian » 

Fiction » Science fiction » Steampunk

Paperback 218 pages, ISBN: 9780990961680, $12.99

Ebook ISBN: 9780961885267, $1.99

Available through, Smashwords, Apple iStore and many ebook retailers

Book 1 in the Scions of the Aegean C series


More than a century after an entire colony of people crashed in an unknown world, both the written knowledge of the survivors and fragments of the ship they dismantled in their efforts to stay alive are decaying.  As eyewitness accounts of the "Firstlanders" pass from living memory, alternate versions of the colony's history are taking shape. 

Members of the fifth generation, Shaye, Jariel, and Ty prepare to take their places as young adults in a growing civilization where each person's quality of life is determined by proof of bloodline, valuable skills . . . or possession of strategic secrets.  For someone without one of these, an obscure existence of menial labor is certain, and love is an unattainable luxury. Will the wisdom, liberty, and faith that the Firstlanders brought to this world pass into legend, or will they find a foothold in the fifth generation?


For readers 16 and up, the Scions of the Aegean C series is an epic narrative of love, choices, and God's ability to redeem.  The lives of the characters allow readers to see how the choices we make impact our lives.  The books can be used to start deeper conversations about forging true friendships, purity, the cost of sex outside of marriage, and personal growth in a community of faith.  These novels will be enjoyed by readers who relish complex characters in richly-textured cultural settings.  Christian Fiction/Science Fiction/Steampunk

(What is Steampunk?)


Scions of the Aegean C, Descent into the Wilds is now available in paperback here and at most fine retailers (such as and in ebook format at retailers worldwide.


Book 2 in the series, Through the Land of Cloud and Leaf, is available in print and ebook format.

Book 3 in the series, Under an Open Sky, available NOW in our store (with special pricing for purchase of all three books bundled, to a single address--only through our webstore!)  Available for purchase in print and ebook format, through fine retailers everywhere.

Scions is an ongoing series for readers 16 and up who relish stories with complex characters and richly-textured settings.  The story lines of the series will spur deeper reflection upon concepts of:


  • Love

  • Intimacy

  • Friendship

  • Peer pressure

  • Accountability

  • Sacrifice

  • Bitterness

  • Forgiveness

  • Justice

  • The value of human life 

Online you can find Terry:  On her About page, on her website, on Facebook, MeWe, Gab, & STORYROCKET
Find Terry's books: in our ShopAmazon.comApple iStore, Barnes&Noble, Goodreads, and Smashwords

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