Stephanie Bennett, PhD.


Stephanie Bennett

Stephanie Bennett, PhD. is a Professor of Communication and Media Ecology in the School of Communication and Media at Palm Beach Atlantic University in Palm Beach, FL. Currently, Dr. Bennett teaches courses in communication ethics, relationship management, digital culture, nonverbal communication, and rhetoric. She is a member of the National Communication Association, the Media Ecology Association, and the International Jacques Ellul Society.


Stephanie has written articles for a host of organizations and ministries such as Focus on the Family, CCM (Contemporary Christian Magazine), and BreakPoint.


In all that she does, Stephanie brings her love of writing and close-knit community together with a heart to inspire personal growth. Married to her musician/ drummer husband, Earl, she is the mother of three grown children and grandmother of nine. She enjoys playing tennis, writing songs and sharing life with students, family and friends.


Okay.  Enough of the media info.  Here are some random facts about Stephanie Bennett:

  • She genuinely loves people

  • Wants to be in a movie

  • Is terrible at playing dominoes

  • Makes yummy Italian food from scratch

  • Is an original "Jersey Girl"

  • Doesn't have a nerdy bone in her body

  • Likes writing on post-it notes

  • Still loves bellbottoms with fringe

  • (and her husband says he adores her)

  • Is the ultimate multi-tasker

Her latest article is an Op Ed in the Palm Beach Post, entitled, Is it really a beautiful day in the neighborhood?

Stephanie has a YouTube channel!  She regularly posts 5 minute devotionals that call people to deeper spiritual life.

Plough Quarterly Magazine published her article entitled Endangered Habitat:  Why the Soul Needs Silence


For Jacques Ellul fans and those who crave intellectual dialog on spirituality, here is a link to a PDF of the paper she presented to the Media Ecology Association in 2008:

The City's Curse, The Church's Plight: Technology, Communication, and the Sacred

An Ellulian Perspective

by Stephanie Bennett 

She talks about virtual relationships, her books, teaching, and LIFE in a recent podcast interview with Wayne Jacobsen on The God Journey. To hear it, click here

Stephanie's novels are fast-paced, first-person narratives with insightful perceptions that will call the reader to deeper thought long after the stories are read.


Within the Walls, Book 1 of the trilogy

Breaking the Silence, Book 2 of the Within the Walls trilogy
The Poet's Treasure, Book 3 of the Within the Walls trilogy  


Her other writing endeavors:

  • Woo Hoo!  We didn't publish it, but we're happy to announce that SIMPLE CHURCH  is available on Amazon and Stephanie was one of the contributors to the book.

  • Her book, Communicating Love is also available on Amazon


Some of the articles she's written for BreakPoint online: 


You can reach her by email at or through her Facebook page at: Dr. Stephanie Bennett.


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Within the Walls,  Breaking the Silence, The Poet's Treasure



Within the Walls,  Breaking the Silence, The Poet's Treasure


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Within the Walls,  Breaking the Silence, The Poet's Treasure

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Within the Walls,  Breaking the Silence, 


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Within the Walls,  Breaking the Silence, The Poet's Treasure


Both Stephanie Bennett and Terry L. Craig have written fiction novels that postulate on the outcome of societies that relentlessly pursue technology at all costs.  While technology in and of itself is neither bad nor good, more thought should be given to how we use it . . . and how it will change the landscape of humanity.

Wild Flower Press, Inc. has no connection with the video linked here, but we highly recommend that Christians watch it -- not so they might worry, but that it might urge them on -- to prayer, thought, and proactive behavior. Nothing is truly "inevitable" unless God says so.

Video: Do Yo Trust This Computer