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A Journey past the end
by Terry L. Craig

Book 2 in the Fellowship of the Mystery trilogy

Genre:  Futuristic Fiction, Science Fiction, End Times

​  Paperback ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1946549006

  $17.99, 420 Pages

​  Ebook ISBN: 9780961885281

SOJOURNER examines the question: What if all the popular predictions about the fate of the world are wrong? The intrigue of SOJOURNER is in its captivating characters and then in the unfolding epic of unbalanced power, contagion, destruction, and victory. SOJOURNER is Book 2 in the Fellowship of the Mystery trilogy

A "must read" for those who enjoy adventure, high stakes, and intelligent fiction. The intrigue of SOJOURNER is found first in its captivating characters, and then in an unfolding epic of unbalanced power, destruction, and victory. It is an intricate tale of the lives of ordinary people whose characters are propelled to spectacular ends. Nearly jumping from the pages to become part of the reader's daily thoughts, the character's lives intersect in unusual ways as they attempt to navigate shifting paths through a changed world . . . and the only requirement is to blindly accept the way things are.


Humanity is gripped by the inescapable awareness that political conflict, the increasing invasion of technology, acts of biological terrorism, and the deterioration of the environment are careening toward a catastrophic collision with life itself. Most People fear they may not live long enough to grow old, and strive solely to carve out their own slice of happiness before the end comes. A few individuals are actually looking forward to a global collapse, claiming it will result in the universal validation of their faith.

But what happens when the inevitable collision doesn't bring the promised end? After failing to produce the expected results in the old world, what place will science, government, and faith be given in a new one? In SOJOURNER, President Cole, Sara Reisling, Tony Bensen, and the Ruiz family seek to navigate a treacherous world where all lines defining the human experience are being aggressively blurred. The characters, whose stories began in GATEKEEPER, will discover the value of truth--and the reality that freedom is never truly lost.

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