Clock Gears
Terry L. Craig

So . . . what is "Steampunk" anyway?

by  Terry L. Craig

copyright 2014

Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction and fantasy literature that commonly has several distinct features.  Steampunk . . .


  • Is often set in an alternative history 

  • Usually features some aspect of retro-tech—machinery one might have seen in the era of steam engines, and inventions such as H. G.Wells or Jules Verne might have pictured them

  • Often depicts at least some portion of society with distinct moral sensibilities

  • Shows that society in conflict


My newest series -- Scions of the Aegean C -- is in this genre.  People leave Earth in the future . . . and end up in an alternate timeline with nothing but what they have onboard their spacecraft to start life in a new world.  A century later, what the descendants of the "Firstlanders" have is retro-tech that only a few people know how to build/use . . . and a society that's begging for a shakeup.  :-)


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