In Books 1 & 2:

Her parents paid the ultimate price for faith and love, but Shaye Penway will be known for the mistakes that cost her everything—and changed history. Read the first two books in an epic narrative of love, choices, and God's ability to redeem.

Scions Series Bundle

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    We're celebrating the release of Book 2 in the Scions of the Aegean C series.  For a limited time, we're offering 25% off the purchase of Books 1 & 2 together. (That's a savings of $6.49!)


    This is an ongoing series for readers 16 and up who relish stories with complex characters and richly-textured settings.  The story lines will spur deeper reflection upon concepts of:

    • Love

    • Intimacy

    • Friendship

    • Peer pressure

    • Accountability

    • Sacrifice

    • Bitterness

    • Forgiveness

    • Justice

    • The value of human life

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