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Book 1 in the Fellowship of the Mystery trilogy

Genre: Political Thriller, SciFi, Faith
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GATEKEEPER, Is this the Nation's Last Election?

SKU: ISBN-13: 978-0990961697
  • Is this the nation's last election? Candidate, Donald Cole is not only running for president, he may also be running for his life — because the incumbent president, Sonny Todd, and his handlers will stop at nothing to keep the White House.

    Written more than three years before 9/11, this political thriller spoke of a time when national security, poverty, governmental powers, racial tensions, and terrorism would become major issues in a presidential campaign—and the possible dangers of the technology behind fracking were relatively unknown. On multiple fronts, the book details events that eerily foreshadow an America increasingly under siege.


    As Book I in the Fellowship of the Mystery trilogy, GATEKEEPER gives a foundation to the entire series with stirring examples of relationship replacing the deadness of religion, love subduing selfishness, truth standing against political correctness, prayer that invites conversation with God, and faith that will endure beyond hardship.

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