Book 1 in the Fellowship of the Mystery trilogy

Genre: Political Thriller, SciFi, Faith
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GATEKEEPER, Is this the Nation's Last Election?

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  • Readers will need to remind themselves that GATEKEEPER was published years before the events of 9/11, before the current political turmoil—and before the dangers of the technology behind fracking were known.


    As GATEKEEPER opens, America teeters on the brink of chaos. Polarization continues while an increasingly angry populace lives on the edge of poverty and secret power struggles threaten to spill over into violence on an unprecedented scale.  GATKEEPER details events that eerily foreshadowed an America increasingly under siege.


    As Book I in the Fellowship of the Mystery trilogy, GATEKEEPER gives a foundation to the entire series with stirring examples of relationship replacing the deadness of religion, love subduing selfishness, truth standing against political correctness, prayer that invites conversation with God, and faith that will endure beyond hardship.