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Storyline of the
Within the Walls trilogy

A 21st Century tale of love and technology


by Stephanie Bennett

Within the Walls
Breaking the Silence
The Poet's Treasure

The Within the Walls trilogy chronicles the life of Emilya Hoffman Bowes Brown—technological genius, collaborator in the newest wave of “tek” enhancements to hit the market, and creator of virtual vacations.  In Book 1, Emilya finds information that leads her on a journey to a community of dissidents who have chosen to live without technology, exposed to nature and the elements—something that was supposed to be impossible.  As Book 2, Breaking the Silence unfolds, Emilya is trying to understand the puzzle of these people in the wild, the way they live, and their use of words like “faith” and “soul.”  Aren’t humans just biology and electricity?


How can people co-exist in a place where they can’t simply turn off the communications of others or carefully edit responses?  Complications pile up for Emilya as she tries to deal with aspects of love and friendship that defy her carefully constructed idea of what it means to be alive.


While not overtly Christian, the first two books in this series are intended to spotlight the real dangers of the world's increasing dependence upon technology—and the illusion that we can achieve perfection, happiness, true relationships, or fulfillment within the walls of “safety” that we’re told technology can provide. Print copies of all three books are available for purchase.

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Within the Wall trilogy
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