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  • Intelligent fiction—novels that help readers ponder faith and "what if?" questions

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In a world full of frantic activity, fear, and loneliness, we want to provoke honest reflection and genuine discussions about faith—because we believe they are essential to finding Life.

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*Hebrew word meaning "to stop or pause"

Due to the COVID-19 virus, many are social distancing.  As a Christian business, we want to do our part. This moment in time is a unique opportunity for people to stop and ponder the offer of salvation offered to all people and the Lord's call to grow in faith during every season.  So from now through Monday, April 20th, we're offering coupons on Smashwords.com that will allow people to download the ebook versions of our books

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(This includes the books in the Fellowship of the Mystery trilogy--which have been on Amazon's Bestseller lists multiple times.)

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Thought for the day:

Jesus often used stories, not just facts, statistics, or scripture verses.  While some people just want facts, stats, and references—for the majority of people, those things bounce right off their hearts.  God knows that stories, parables, and allegories can communicate to the soul.  Stories can give people a point of reference, teach people what God is like, convince them that something is wrong, and persuade them that there is reason to hope. 

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University professor, speaker, and Wild Flower Press author Stephanie Bennett talks about fear in one of her short devotionals on her YouTube channel, The Secret Place.

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