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The most visited page on our site! The disciples asked for specifics and Jesus answered.

Sahara Desert


Many Christians think that the building where they regularly gather with other Christians is God's house.  Is it?


Elijah stands out as THE prophet of the Bible. Why? Because he listened to and believed God.

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What's new with author
Stephanie Bennett???

Interviews, and podcasts, and books, OH MY!
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An End Times Series to
Grow Your Faith

NEW Gatekeeper


that may turn back the tide

Inspiring End Times fiction that may change the way you look at faith.

The Fellowship of the Mystery trilogy portrays men and women attempting to navigate through a world that is increasingly possessed by the hypocrisies of political correctness and relativistic truth. Written with rich characters, detailed settings, and a plot line that revolves around the most important question of any time: Who is Jesus Christ? 

Read more about Terry L. Craig's
Fellowship of the Mystery trilogy


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