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The most visited page on our site! The disciples asked for specifics and Jesus answered.

Sahara Desert


Paul gave specific details about this event that many choose to rearrange or dismiss. What will you do with his words?

house in flood


Is your walk about keeping the Law or abiding in the Beloved?

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Jesus is not afraid
The novel SWORDSMAN by Terry L. Craig

What can happen if

America falls?

Millions of survivors weigh their options as a massive ad campaign declares all of the elements are finally in place to end Martial Law and leap into a future that will see Mother Earth restored, clean energy, seamless technology, and people dwelling in peace and safety.

Each person's journey to it is tied to a single decision:  Sign the Notice of Allegiance, forsaking all loyalty to the boundaries and beliefs of the past. Growing throngs hear the Swordsman's call to consider the real cost of their choice as animated devices everywhere display a countdown of the time left till those who resist will lose all means of sustaining life.  See MORE

No matter how strong our faith or communication skills, we are human and we get weary. Where do we go? How do we deal with life when we’re bone tired? Perhaps Isaiah has a clue. What we believe and know is true is communicated through our words and actions to others, but first it is communicated intra-personally. Let’s remember to speak words of life and truth to ourselves and watch the weariness of our soul fade like the morning dew. The tone of our inner dialogue makes a big difference in our ability to persevere through the rough and tumble times of soul weariness. Yes, I’m telling you to go easy on yourself. Be encouraged with Isaiah 40: 28-33.

Stephanie Bennett, PhD

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An End Times Series to
Grow Your Faith

NEW Gatekeeper


that may turn back the tide

Inspiring End Times fiction that may change the way you look at faith.

The Fellowship of the Mystery trilogy portrays men and women attempting to navigate through a world that is increasingly possessed by the hypocrisies of political correctness and relativistic truth. Written with rich characters, detailed settings, and a plot line that revolves around the most important question of any time: Who is Jesus Christ? 

Read more about Terry L. Craig's
Fellowship of the Mystery trilogy

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