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In a world full of frantic activity, fear, and loneliness, we want to provoke honest reflection and genuine discussions about faith—because we believe they are essential to finding Life.

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Stephanie Bennett

Are we doomed to deep dysfunction in public discourse?  No.

University professor, speaker, and Wild Flower Press author Stephanie Bennett gave an interview on Moody Radio about "WORDSHIP" -- a lecture series on reclaiming the Christian's role in dialoging with others.

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Desert Road

our newest book

Under An Open Sky

Is Book 3 in the Scions of the Aegean C series

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Inspired more than 40 years ago, the "sci-fi" depictions of the End Times novel, SWORDSMAN,

are here or on the doorstep.

In this story:

The CEO of a multinational corporation wields more wealth and political power than nations have, he is

  • Able to control the information given to the public

  • Able to act unilaterally without much regard to national laws or boundaries

  • Able to enact changes he deems wise on a global scale

  • Able to communicate directly with the public.

The threat of a deadly (respiratory) pandemic causes disruption of life via,

  • government mandated quarantines,

  • people's movements controlled,

  • fear of contamination/sickness guiding decisions

  • medical supplies (especially things like face masks) run out.

What else is in there?

While MANY people believe that we are living in the "Last Days," few of them actually read what the Lord said about them.  

Jesus gave specific, lengthy teachings to his disciples about the last days.  To dismiss these teachings (as irrelevant, nonessential, too scary, or too divisive) is to ignore the importance that Jesus gave them. 


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