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The World of SWORDSMAN

Fiction Becoming Reality

by Terry L. Craig

In the late 1970s, the Lord called me to begin writing a fiction book about faith in the "last days." When I began, the technology in the book seemed fantastical, the events were frightening, and the social developments were unthinkable. I thought I'd finished the work in the middle of the 1980s and published it with the title SWORDSMAN. A decade later, the Lord asked me me write two other "prequal" books that filled in the details of how we could get to the world described in SWORDSMAN. The threads of several new characters in the prequals were then woven into an updated version of SWORDSMAN (published 2005).

So, more than 40 years after I started... I'm stunned at how close the world is coming to the "fiction" on those pages.

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Fiction when written,

now reality

Implanted microchips used for purchases and ID

Global tracking capability

A development in energy technology that is seen as a viable, sustainable, clean solution to the energy problem

Microwave energy beamed down from space to collector panels on Earth. (Although the microwave part isn't specifically mentioned in the book, it was in my notes in 1979 as what delivers the energy described in the book.) This is now in development

Sudden revelations about UFO's and extraterrestrial beings being accepted by and reported in media.* In particular, a triangular UFO. Sighting of triangular/pyramid shaped crafts in sky.

A bill signed into law by President Trump in December of 2020  commands the Pentagon to release a declassified study of UFO phenomena in June of this year. (If you go to this link, look under the heading of "Advanced Aerial Threats")

Also see a CNN news story on this

(*My personal belief is that some of these are secret technology of other countries or other explainable phenomena, and that SOME are demonic in nature. Believing that UFO's are contacts from another world is a way for people to accept the supernatural without believing in God. If you think about it, the devil and demons are not "of this world," so they can claim to be "extraterrestrial" if that is what will give them interactions with humans.)


Fiction when written,

now reality


The explosion of poverty in America

The CEO of a multinational corporation wields more wealth and political power than nations have, he is

  • Able to control information given to the public

  • Able to act unilaterally without much regard to national laws or boundaries

  • Able to enact changes he deems wise on a global scale

  • Able to communicate directly with the public

The threat of a deadly (respiratory) epidemic causing disruption of life*

  • government mandated quarantines,

  • people's movements controlled,

  • fear of contamination/sickness guiding decisions

  • medical supplies (especially things like face masks) run out

(*My personal belief is that Covid-19 is just a shadow of larger things to come.)

Calls for a universal ID system that includes medical information

Limits on how many people can gather

Tech marketed as enhancement that will make the elderly "useful" again (see interview with Elon Musk in Forbes Magazine)

Demands that people forsake all exclusive (restrictive) ideologies whether they be social, cultural, religious, political, or nationalistic

  • Acceptance of LGBTQ lifestyles

  • Acceptance of same-sex marriage

  • Christian denominations setting aside the Bible to teach individual spirituality or works as a means to God

  • Social media and large corporations now punishing what they deem "misinformation" with either being banned or with financial consequences!

A global movement promoting Earth as sacred, in need of our devotion

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Online you can find Terry:  On her About page, on her website, on Facebook, MeWe, Gab, & STORYROCKET
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A new medical procedure that doctors claim will slow (and, in some cases reverse) the aging process—making elderly people useful in the work force again.

A war in the Middle-East which threatens to escalate globally*

Fossil fuel disappearing from the marketplace*

Loss of the US electrical grid*

Collapse of US political system*

Collapse of US economy*

*these are referenced in the book as some of the events that led to the crisis in SWORDSMAN, but the details of them are in the prequal books.

Huge migration of the US population away from bitter winters and feared contagion


The new energy technology brought into the forefront. It is transmitted through fiber optic cables.


Controlled "zero population" zones instituted to "save natural resources"


Mandated shift to cashless society which is directly tied to a personal pledge to forsake any "exclusive" belief (religion, national loyalty, etc.)

Although microchips, global tracking, and computers make the "mark of the beast" possible, microchips and computers aren't evil in and of themselves. According to the Bible, the actual "mark of the beast" is connected to the name of the beast or the number of its name (Rev. 13:17, Rev. 14:11), AND it is directly linked with personal worship of the beast (Rev. 13:8 & Rev. 14:9).

Increasing persecution of anyone who resists "necessary" changes to the social order, with escalating threats of loss of employment, housing, medical care, ability to buy food and other necessities, and loss of custody of children.


Rise of the underground Church in America

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