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The Guaranteed Healing Method

by Terry L. Craig

© 2014

Today, I came upon this blog post of mine from 2014 . . . and I think people still need to hear this. 

I have this friend who just recently found out that she has cancer.  That alone is scary enough, but this isn’t her first brush with the disease.  Years ago she fought lymphoma, and at one point this little woman was nearly as big around (with swelling) as she was tall.  But, by God’s grace, she beat it and has lived many fruitful years—trying to give God the glory the whole way.

Having gone through the horrors of biopsies, chemo, etc. before . . . here she is staring into that awful black hole . . . again.  Will she get a miracle or perhaps an extension of life by medical means?  That isn’t certain.  We (her brothers and sisters in Christ) are determined to stand by her and pray for her.


And right this minute, there are multitudes of people out there who are willing to offer her a miracle, a healing, IF she will follow their instruction.  Last week, one such person told her she needed to cry more, to revisit her past (via specific pathways) and let Jesus show her where she needed to repent or forgive or whatever.  If she didn’t do it, this person told her, she wouldn’t be healed.


Some offer other roads to that miracle.


I know a bit about this subject myself, so I will cut through all the delays and give you THE key to a guaranteed healing, free of charge, no book to buy, no donation needed.  You might miss it, so I’ll put arrows on either side of it.


Here it is right here:  -->   <--

You didn't see it?  I'll tell you again, and this time I'll highlight it in yellow: -->  ___  <--

Yes.  There it is.  The best, guaranteed, miracle method ever penned by Jesus.

So . . . am I saying there no method, formula, or work that will guarantee healing in this life?  Yes, that’s what I’m saying.  There is no method, no formula that will do that.


BUT (you knew this was coming, right?) that’s not to say that there are no miracles or that God can’t work through doctors or therapies or medicine.


The problem comes --and I personally find this horrifying-- when we package stuff up in methods and formulas and then tell people they won’t get their healing unless they (or we) do X-Y-Z.  Oh, but wait a minute . . . didn’t Elisha tell the guy with leprosy to go dunk himself in the Jordan seven times? [2 Kings 5] Yes.  And then, wasn’t the guy healed?  Yes.  My question to you is, how many times did Elijah employ this formula with other people?  Did he set up the School of Dipping for Leprous Cures?  And even if it “worked” dozens of times . . . would that mean that God was in it?


Listen, I’m just as dumb or lazy or clueless as anybody else.  I like organization, short cuts, and fool-proof methods.  But God isn’t a formula or a method.  When I’m desperate, I want help and I want it now . . . and I want it to be perfect (in my estimation).  But God isn’t bound by my estimations, nor can He be forced into action by my words or efforts. . . . As flawed and rotten as I can be, He’s still in love with me, He never leaves my side, and He desires the things that will bring the greatest blessing to me and to those around me for the longest period of time.  I can choose to reject His will and his love for me, I can wander into weirdness, or I can choose to participate in what HE is doing . . . but His love is never in question.


For a moment, let’s just look at the whole idea of dying vs. “healing” (and staying here in this world).


Where will you go when your body dies?  If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord, His Spirit lives in you right now . . . and when you die, when you leave this earthly body behind, you will be at Home with the Lord, in the face-to-face presence of Jesus.  You will be in a place where no suffering, loss, or sorrow can get to you.  My own physical death will be the departure from this world into God’s arms.  From His perspective it’s a WIN, not a tragedy.  We are told to seek LIFE in the here and now, but when Father sees fit to take someone Home, we shouldn’t see it as some sort of failure or lack of love on His part. 


It’s okay to grieve and mourn loved ones who die—but we must remind ourselves that the mourning is for ourselves (as we cope with the loss of one we love).


“For me to live is Christ [His life in me], and to die is gain [the gain of the glory of eternity].”
—Paul the apostle, in Philippians 1:21, AB


From the Lord’s perspective, whether Paul stayed in this world or came Home, it was a win/win.

We should seek life and healing for ourselves and others—but we are doing a disservice to God when we make healing the sign of His favor (and death a sign that Jesus couldn’t/wouldn’t intervene).  We also cannot tie healing to works (that somehow earn it) or give people the impression that we can force the Lord to give us what we demand via some method.  All of these are just wrong.


Wouldn’t it be FAR better to seek the Great Physician, Jesus, and let Him point out what we or others need instead of making promises based on a formula or a method?


If you are healed (whether through medicine, natural means, or miracles)  YAY!  God is giving you more time with us.  But don’t tie your physical healing to the false notion that God doesn’t love those who die, or that your healing is the biggest victory you’ll ever get.


We receive the biggest victories

on the day we acknowledge Jesus as the One who took our sins away,

and on the day we go Home to Him.



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