Author: Terry L. Craig
Genre: End Times (Apocalyptic), SciFi, Faith
433 Pages
Book 3 in the Fellowship of the Mystery trilogy

CLASSIC, First Edition--Special Pricing!


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SWORDSMAN, Book 3 in the Fellowship of the Mystery trilogy, CLASSIC EDITION

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  • SHORT Synopsis:

    After a near-apocalypse, the plan to resuscitate Earth is in progress. Day by day, clocks tick down as a warning: sign the Notice by zero hour or lose all means of survival. But a man walks through the ruins, urging the crowds to take heart and resist—an idea that's reverberating across the world.


    MORE detail:

    IN THE FORMER UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Within a matter of months, nearly half of the people in the US were forced to flee a bitter winter amidst outbreaks of a deadly disease and biological threats in the northern states. Survivors pressed southward on trains and buses, or even on foot—bringing only what they could carry. Forced to pass through mandatory quarantine camps, they arrived in the South only to be crammed into makeshift shelters and crumbling inner ci