Author: Terry L. Craig
Genres: Science Fiction, Apocalyptic Fiction
433 Pages
Book 2 in the Fellowship of the Mystery trilogy -- CLASSIC First Edition

SOJOURNER, Book 2 in the Fellowship of the Mystery trilogy, CLASSIC EDITION

SKU: ISBN-978-096188522-9
  • Having entered the office of President of the United States with great hopes for becoming a significant force for change, Donald Larson Cole encounters one obstacle after another. America's economy is struggling, and her decaying infra-structure is crumbling. Two suitcase nukes are still missing. Tensions between international personnel on the failing space station have come to blows--mirroring the sentiments of their respective governments on the planet below.


    The corrupt administration of the previous president allowed a powerful businessman to make behind-the-scene guarantees that the U.S. would abandon its support of Israel . . . and now, her enemies want to collect on those promises. Commitments around the world have drained U.S. troop strength and weaponry to perilously low levels as China threatens to flex its substantial military muscle against Japan and a nuclear conflict between India and Pakistan seems virtually unavoidable.


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