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Author: Terry L. Craig
Genres: Science Fiction, Apocalyptic Fiction
433 Pages
Book 2 in the Fellowship of the Mystery trilogy -- CLASSIC First Edition

SOJOURNER, Book 2 in the Fellowship of the Mystery trilogy, CLASSIC EDITION

SKU: ISBN-978-096188522-9
  • A traumatic event signals the beginning of rapid-fire calamities that will force America to her knees and forever remove the opulent lifestyle and freedom her citizens have too long taken for granted. As bad news reaches new heights, many of America's Christians are convinced that "the rapture" is imminent. Their admonitions to a world in moral free-fall rise to an unprecedented pitch amidst an increasing hatred in the world for any value system that smacks an "absolute." Soon believer and scoffer alike will have the opportunity to sojourn through a valley that will determine upon what or whom their security truly rests.

    A "must read" for those who enjoy adventure, high stakes, and intelligent fiction. The intrigue of SOJOURNER is found first in its captivating characters, and then in an unfolding epic of unbalanced power, destruction, and victory. It is an intricate tale of the lives of ordinary people whose characters are propelled to spectacular ends. Nearly jumping from the pages to become part of the reader's daily thoughts, the character's lives intersect in unusual ways as they seek to navigate a treacherous world where all lines defining the human experience are being aggressively blurred. . . . and the only requirement is to blindly accept the way things are.


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