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Bringing Relative Truths into the Light

By Terry L. Craig  2023


INTEGRITY is the quality or state of being complete, undivided, whole.

COMPARTMENTALIZATION is when we allow contradictory ideas to be held as truth (accepted, believed)—because they remain separate from each other (and are never applied to a complete picture). One of the main goals of this world's system is to put God-given logic to sleep and replace it with ideas that appeal to emotions and desires. One by one, conflicting "truths" are accepted, then put in separate compartments and never placed side-by-side. Compartmentalization means a person can hold in one drawer the thought that it's okay to abort a possibly disabled child... but in another drawer have the urge to lobby for more pet adoptions to prevent euthanizing disabled animals. It allows people to believe that humans are merely a product of nature (animals)... yet also believe we can magically defy "nature" and be anything our feelings or fantasies tell us.


Yes, I'll state that—with the exception of Jesus, the ONLY perfect one—contradictions exist in all of us. But, as those who follow Christ, we should be inviting His presence into every part of us, allowing transformation, leading an increasingly integrated (with God) life, as every part of us gets submitted to Him.

You may not consider yourself evangelist material . . . but if you have Jesus, you are called to be a light. This doesn't involve standing on a corner and shouting at strangers. This is in the realm of friends, co-workers, and neighbors. It involves listening and actual back-and-forth conversations. It's how the Early Church grew by leaps and bounds as people who were set free from darkness just talked with people they knew in the neighborhood and in the marketplace.


In the course of real conversations you can lift someone's contradictory ideas from separate drawers and place them side by side in the Light. PRAY, and let the Holy Spirit do the job of convicting/convincing, as you gradually, persistently, and respectfully recall the "truths" people voice that don't measure up with other "truths" they themselves have voiced. You're just highlighting the divergent ideas and asking questions. In the process, you just might wake up some of their God-given logic. If the person wants further discussion, consider it an open door. If they change the subject or end the conversation and start avoiding you—let them have some space (while you remain prayerful). Sometimes truth needs to percolate a while. Sometimes, their indignation provides the heat needed to cause that percolation.


I've seen people who were consumed by darkness get set free as nearby Christians were willing to care, listen, to light up contradictions, and trust God for the outcome.

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