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Think you want to blog here at Press On?

Updated: Sep 22, 2017

If you'd like to join the writers who blog here there aren't a lot of qualifications. This is a blog on writing from a Christian perspective, so you need to be a Christian. :-) Other than that, you need:

  • To be 18 or older and a writer

  • To be able to write posts that fit in one or more of the categories we provide (that are pertinent to Christian writing or being a Christian writer)

  • To be fluent in the English language

Your posts must be your own material. If you quote other material (even your own) you need to credit the material's origin and have the right to quote it. (Be aware that if your material was published by someone other than yourself and you quote more than a snippet, you may need the publisher's permission.)

Your posts can't be seen as attempts to get people to join your church or denomination or dogmatic statements over non-salvation issues like Calvinism or believing in a "pre-Trib" rapture. (You can believe in those things or even write books about them--but the themes of this blog are writing and being a writer.)

Your posts can't demean or vilify others.


YES, you can say this: "I was disappointed with first publishing experience, so I moved on."

NO, you can't say this: "My first publisher was a jerk."

No "adult" content (no explicit language or descriptions) no foul language.

That's it. You can contact us through the Wild Flower Press, Inc. contact page.

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