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Would you like to see YOUR article or post published on this site?

It could happen!

We don't pay for articles, but it may be a good way to gain exposure to a larger/different market. 


What you need to do first:

Check out our About Us page and the article DOGMA vs. JESUS, and give a look around the site at what else we've published in the way of articles and books.  If you are in strong disagreement (lol, like if your hair catches fire while you're readin' what's on the site), you're probably not a good fit for us and vice versa.


Submission Requirements:

  • The article must be your own, original work (with any quotes being duly marked and in compliance with fair use/copyright laws).

  • You must be 18 or older, willing to state in writing that the work you submit is wholly yours, is OWNED by you, and that you are allowing us to publish it on our site.  (You cannot, for example, give us an excerpt from a book which you wrote that another publisher has the exclusive rights to publish.  This is the case even if you hold the copyright.) 

  • Your article need not be evangelical in nature, but it should be from a Christian perspective and inspirational / informational to Christians and/or seekers

  • Your article must remain respectful of others. 

  • Your article can mention your denomination or state that you believe in a doctrine (such as Calvinism), but it cannot be a dogmatic (as in "my way is the only way to see it") endorsement of these things.


If you think all of the above applies to you and you've written an awesome piece, click on the link here which will take you to the CONTACT form and tell us a little (less than 300 words) about your awesome article.  If we're interested, we'll tell you how to submit it to us.